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Until March 2025, for every eligible* vaccine at a Wholehealth pharmacy, another lifesaving measles, polio or tetanus vaccine** will be donated to UNICEF Canada through I Boost Immunity.

*HPV, Meningitis B, Pneumonia, RSV, Shingles
**Up to 30,000 Vaccines

Campaign Goals

  • Raise awareness about vaccine-preventable diseases

  • Foster and promote global health
  • Provide vaccine education
Dose4Dose Mascot Graphic

“Our shared goal is to increase awareness about the importance of vaccination and improve immunization rates both here in Canada and across the globe.”

Shannon Turner

Executive Director at the Public Health Association of British Columbia

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Wholehealth has launched Dose4Dose in partnership with I Boost Immunity, a digital learning platform administered by the Public Health Association of British Columbia. Their website uses online quizzes and articles to raise local literacy about immunization, and pairs it with a global reward: childhood vaccines through UNICEF.

Canadians can participate in Wholehealth’s Dose4Dose campaign by getting vaccinated and/or by completing a short educational quiz.